Worksheet 2077

Worksheet 2077

Please download these worksheet and engage your ward in this pandemic days. Let them learn regularly.

Note: If you are in Kathmandu, Please contact at school for these worksheet.

Second Week Revision Worksheet (Download)

File name : worksheet-Nursery-2W.pdf

File name : worksheet-LKG-2W.pdf

File name : worksheet-UKG-2W.pdf

File name : worksheet-ONE-2W.pdf

File name : worksheet-THREE-2W.pdf

File name : worksheet-TWO-2W.pdf

File name : worksheet-FOUR-2W.pdf

File name : worksheet-FIVE-2W.pdf

File name : worksheet-SIX-2W.pdf

First Week Revision Worksheet (Download)

File name : Worksheet-Nursery.pdf

File name : worksheet-LKG.pdf

File name : worksheet-UKG.pdf

File name : worksheet-TWO.pdf

File name : worksheet-FOUR.pdf

File name : worksheet-SIX.pdf

File name : worksheet-ONE.pdf

File name : worksheet-THREE.pdf

File name : worksheet-FIVE.pdf

New Admission 2081

New Admission 2081

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