Virtual Classes

New session virtual classes for grade Nursery, L.KG. and U.KG. We are trying to make our students habitual with digital learning process. Once they cope with this technology, we will start online zoom class…


Thank you !

Worksheet 2077

Worksheet 2077

Please download these worksheet and engage your ward in this pandemic days. Let them learn regularly.

Note: If you are in Kathmandu, Please contact at school for these worksheet.

Second Week Revision Worksheet (Download)

File name : worksheet-Nursery-2W.pdf

File name : worksheet-LKG-2W.pdf

File name : worksheet-UKG-2W.pdf

File name : worksheet-ONE-2W.pdf

File name : worksheet-THREE-2W.pdf

File name : worksheet-TWO-2W.pdf

File name : worksheet-FOUR-2W.pdf

File name : worksheet-FIVE-2W.pdf

File name : worksheet-SIX-2W.pdf

First Week Revision Worksheet (Download)

File name : Worksheet-Nursery.pdf

File name : worksheet-LKG.pdf

File name : worksheet-UKG.pdf

File name : worksheet-TWO.pdf

File name : worksheet-FOUR.pdf

File name : worksheet-SIX.pdf

File name : worksheet-ONE.pdf

File name : worksheet-THREE.pdf

File name : worksheet-FIVE.pdf

New Admission 2079

New Admission 2079

Admission Form:

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